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America Or Amerika? Banning The National Anthem, Bible & Christianity

America is being transformed into "Amerika" right in front of our eyes as our society is rapidly becoming the exact opposite of what our founders intended.

Why Do American Evangelicals Care So Much About The Jewish People?

Some accuse Christians of loving the Jews only because they want to win them to faith in Jesus. While there is no way to prove this is not true of some evangelicals, it does not reflect the more thoughtful approach orthodox Protestants take to our relationships with Jews individually or corporately.

Award Winning Film Reveals Frightening New Evidence About the Tribulation

This film director could have finally proven that the Tribulation is about to begin. Has already appeared on numerous national TV and radio shows.

Bankruptcy Crisis Sweeps US Companies With No End In Sight

A bankruptcy crisis is sweeping the US where companies are filing for bankruptcy at the fastest pace in 13 years including several large recognizable companies with hundreds or thousands of workers.

2023: Echoes Of 1973

There is no ideal historical script that tracks the present exactly, but in rough outline, the 1970s might prove remarkable useful as a guide for where we are heading next.

Theologians Finally Translate 2,000 Year Old Greek Scriptures. Here's What It Says.

After 20-years of research and development, a team has successfully retranslated the New Testament with the original lost Greek meaning!

USAID To Coerce Governments Worldwide To Promote LGBT Doctrine

President Biden's ideological colonialism is using taxpayer money to push a radical agenda abroad that is bad for American taxpayers and bad for recipient countries who don't want to accept Western progressive ideology.

The Slow-Motion Crisis No One Is Talking About - We Are Running Out Of Babies

Only 3% of the world's population currently lives in a country whose birth rate isn't declining. According to a BBC report, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, and South Korea will lose half their populations by the end of this century. Those in the West will be among the first and fastest declining.

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May 23, 2023Can Retailers Survive The Looting That Never Stops At Their Stores?

There has always been shoplifting, but in the old days it was at a level that made it only a minor nuisance to the big box retailers. That has all changed as organized gangs have developed extremely sophisticated plans for how to rapidly loot our major retailers....

May 23, 2023Target Hires 'Trans-Satanist' To Design Pride Clothing Line

Why did Target hire an avowed Satanist to design pieces for their recent "Pride" clothing line? According to designer Abprallen, "Satan loves you and respects your pronouns..."...

May 19, 2023Shock Poll: Results Show More Than Half Of Christians Are Deceiving Themselves

Born-again Christians make up the backbone of church activity and a high level of commitment to their faith, but the study shows that between 2020 and 2023, the share of those who say they believe Jesus did not commit sins during his lifetime on Earth fell from 58% to 44%....

May 19, 2023Colorado University Tells Students To Assume Everyone Is Transgender

The complete colonization of academia by the transgender continues as officials at the University of Colorado Boulder have announced, in their "pronouns guide," that people should assume those they meet are transgender unless explicitly told otherwise....

May 17, 2023Shock Ruling By Judge - Pride Parade For Students Can Be Mandatory

A primary school recently forced a 4-year-old Christian boy to participate in an LGBTQ pride parade. When the parents sued the school claiming their religious and parental rights had been violated, the court ruled against them....

May 17, 2023The Dividing Line Of Next Election May Boil Down To Faith

New research shows Democrats are making gains in areas where religion is fading and Republicans are increasing their vote share in places where houses of worship are gaining new members....

May 16, 2023PETA Teams Up With AI To Rewrite The Bible

Once again, the Left is trying to appropriate the Bible for its own political purposes, this time with the help of artificial intelligence. Yes, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has published a rewrite of the book of Genesis entitled "The Book: PETA's Version of the Creation Story."...