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Will Big Tech/Social Media Determine Who Wins The Election?

In 2016, the big social media companies were criticized for allowing others to influence the outcome of the election, but in 2020 the big social media companies are directly interfering in the election more than anyone else is by a very wide margin.

Biden's Dangerous Endorsement Of The Transgender Children Movement

Based on presidential candidate Joe Biden's answer to a town hall question Thursday night on ABC, it is only fair to ask: "Sir, do you advocating sterilizing children who identify as transgender?"

Award Winning Film Reveals Frightening New Evidence About the Tribulation

This film director could have finally proven that the Tribulation is about to begin. Has already appeared on numerous national TV and radio shows.

Are You Prepared For The Imminent US Digital Dollar?

Given the fact that the dollar has lost so much of its value, it's not unreasonable to recognize that it's near the end of its run now and to consider what may replace it - and when. It's also smart to prepare for that transition now as signs continue to suggest a replacement may be coming soon.

The Battle Over Words - 'Sexual Preference' Now Deemed 'Offensive'

Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett dared to use the forbidden term "sexual preference" with reference to LGBT sexuality. Not only did this cause an instant internet firestorm, but it apparently led to an instant adjustment in a major online dictionary.

Theologians Finally Translate 2,000 Year Old Greek Scriptures. Here's What It Says.

After 20-years of research and development, a team has successfully retranslated the New Testament with the original lost Greek meaning!

Congressional Report Documents The Collapse Of Marriage & Family In America

For thousands of years, two parent families have worked, and the reason they have worked is because that is how things were originally designed. Sadly, these days most Americans find traditional values repugnant, and they think that they have figured out a better way of doing things.

AOC Reminds Us How Leftists View Christian 'Bigots'

In 2020, the Democrats are now a political party that repudiates virtually every Christian orthodoxy with regard to gender and marriage. They will cherry-pick here and there in order to claim that Christians are...well, not really Christian.

Other News

October 14, 2020Turkey Is The Next Iran

Previously moderate Turkey, has turned to destructive radicalism in the style of the Islamic Revolution and now threatens both American and Israeli interests throughout the region....

October 12, 2020What Should Conservative Americans Expect If Biden-Harris Win?

Although many of my friends remain confident that Donald Trump will be reelected, looking at things through natural eyes, his prospects are not good. What if Trump-Pence lost to Biden-Harris? What if Joseph Biden became our nation’s 46th president? What would that look like for conservative Americans?...

October 05, 2020600 Earthquakes Rattle California - Is The 'Big One' Coming?

Over the last few days, a swarm of almost 600 earthquakes has shaken southern California, and a lot of people are becoming extremely concerned about what will happen next. In fact, if you go on Twitter right now you will find a tremendous amount of speculation that "the Big One" could be coming. ...

October 05, 2020Shocking Study Shows Majority Of Belgian Doctors Would Support Infanticide

If there's nothing morally wrong with killing a baby on one side of the birth canal, what is so wrong about killing that same baby on the other side? That is a question that abortion supporters have long struggled to answer--and now, it seems, many physicians are simply following their ideology to its logical conclusions. ...

October 02, 2020Amazon Promotes New Pay By Palm - Another Precursor To The Mark Of The Beast?

Amazon announced its rollout of Amazon One devices that use a customer's palm prints for identification and payment at physical retail stores. The company wants to expand it to any retailer willing to partner with the mega-giant....

October 02, 2020Criminal Charges For Expressing Biblical Views On Homosexuality?

The aim of LGBT activists is to silence those voices that defend the system of two biological sexes and marriage as a union between man and wife. Ultimately this has to do with preventing the teachings of the Bible in the public sphere....

October 02, 2020Where Bible Meets Innovation - Solving Hunger With Biblical Protein From Locusts

Though normally eating bugs is an unappetizing topic, an Israeli startup is challenging that notion with "Biblical protein." And they're doing it in a manner that may solve world hunger to the delight of both environmentalists and Biblical scholars alike....