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Godless America: Congress Debates God's Role In Laws Of The Land

There were a lot of powerful arguments against the Equality Act, but Rep. Greg Steube resorted to the ultimate authority: the Bible. During an intense debate on the House floor, the Florida representative said it was time for his colleagues to hear the truth about the transgender issue. But Democrats aren't interested in the truth -- or God. And far-Left radical Jerry Nadler didn't mind saying so.

California Bill Would Fine Stores $1,000 For Having Boys' And Girls' Toy Section

Californian mothers and fathers can go weak-kneed with relief that department stores will no longer be able to inflict segregated toy aisles on their bewildered children -- at least, not if Evan Lowe has anything to say about it. Not all heroes wear capes -- especially not gender-neutral ones.

Award Winning Film Reveals Frightening New Evidence About the Tribulation

This film director could have finally proven that the Tribulation is about to begin. Has already appeared on numerous national TV and radio shows.

Brainwashing The Next Generation: 1 In 6 Of Gen Z Identify As LGBT

Based on what we are exposed to in the media, let alone what kids are exposed to in school, such statistics should not surprise us.

COVID Bill A Wasted Opportunity - 90% Has Nothing To Do With Fighting The Virus

$200 million for The Institute of Museum and Library Services, $135 million for The National Endowment For The Arts and $1 billion in racial justice funds for black farmers. What does that have to do with beating COVID? This bill is a slap in the face of everyone who has lost loved ones or had their business destroyed by lockdowns.

Theologians Finally Translate 2,000 Year Old Greek Scriptures. Here's What It Says.

After 20-years of research and development, a team has successfully retranslated the New Testament with the original lost Greek meaning!

Gen Z Describe Themselves As 'Religiously Unaffiliated' And 'Isolated'

A new study shows that "today's young people are the loneliest of any generation", with 60% saying they feel "very isolated". Nearly 7 out of 10 young people said they have three or fewer meaningful interactions per day.

Amazon Blocks Sale Of Book Exposing Transgender Ideology

What happens when the exchange of information is not controlled by the government, but by private companies? And what happens when those private companies sign on to a censorious ideology devoted to silencing its opponents? We are likely about to find out.

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February 24, 2021Chasing The Zionist Dream, One Settlement At A Time

Exactly one year ago, Israel was poised to realize the dream of applying sovereignty to large parts of Judea and Samaria with U.S. support. Israel, however, chose not to take this path, preferring the immediate achievements of the signing of the Abraham Accords to a possible confrontation with the Palestinians and the international community....

February 17, 2021Utah Parents Push Back Against The Transgender Agenda - And Win

A group of Utah parents challenged an attempt to indoctrinate their children into a false view of gender and sex. To their credit, they did something -- and their actions have made a difference....

February 15, 2021Economic Tyranny Soon? Digital Footprint To Determine Credit Worthiness

Should a history of your online searches and social media posts determine your "creditworthiness" for things such as a car loan? Some at the IMF think so and many worry such a system would see any form of dissent from Government opinion resulting in the cut off of financial credit....

February 11, 2021Beyond Covid: New Pestilences Are Breaking Out All Over The Globe

Did you hear about the outbreak of the new "mystery disease" in Tanzania? What about the alarming new outbreak in Congo? New developments in South Africa are making headlines all over the globe as well. Despite all of our advanced technology, humanity remains extremely vulnerable to outbreaks of disease, and many believe that the COVID pandemic is just the beginning. ...

February 11, 2021Israeli Polls Show Pro-3rd Temple Politicians Becoming Lawmakers

The new Israeli party called 'Religious Zionism' is now polling at five seats, more than the required four seat minimum threshold to enter Israel’s Knesset and have indicated they are in favor of building the third Temple....

February 11, 2021China Engineering "Super Soldiers" For Its Master Race

The People's Liberation Army has gone all-in on gene editing of humans. China is looking to achieve "biological dominance" and there are no ethical boundaries to Beijing's pursuit of power....

February 08, 2021COVID Detainment Facilities Go From 'Conspiracy Theory' To Official Govt Policy

In October, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the claims of mandatory COVID-19 detainments were "harmful misinformation." Now, this 'conspiracy theory' from four months ago is being used in ever increasing circumstances and is set to expand widely across the country....