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Palestinian Christians Impacted By BDS Movement

OpenDoors, ranked the Palestinian territories #49 within its annual assessment of regions of the world with high levels of Christian persecution. The data reveals that of its five million inhabitants, only 46,600 Christian Arabs remain in the West Bank and Gaza combined.

Brexit and Daniel's Final World Empire

Christians have long speculated on whether or not the European Union is the final world empire outlined in the Bible. Is Brexit the death of the European Union or is this the next prophetic step in the book of Daniel?

Award Winning Film Reveals Frightening New Evidence About the Tribulation

This film director could have finally proven that the Tribulation is about to begin. Has already appeared on numerous national TV and radio shows.

Beto O'Rourke, Climate Change, & The End Of The World

Climate change hysteria is becoming far more dangerous than climate change itself as another Democrat politician proclaims the end of the world in 12 years.

Mobile World Congress Demos Live Microchip Implants For Bank Payments

The buzz around microchip implants was ratcheted up a notch recently with a demonstration at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona where a man volunteered to to have a chip inserted under his skin, and another showed off how to make payments using his chip insert.

Theologians Finally Translate 2,000 Year Old Greek Scriptures. Here's What It Says.

After 20-years of research and development, a team has successfully retranslated the New Testament with the original lost Greek meaning!

Is There Any Defense For Ilhan Omar?

Omar has not been content to stick to critiques of Israel's government or even to efforts to promote boycotts of the only Jewish state on the planet. Instead, she has broadened her attacks to include supporters of Israel--both Jewish and non-Jewish, including fellow members of Congress.

Court Ruling: Opposing Child's Transgenderism Is Committing

Not only has the court denied the father his right to stop his child from receiving a controversial medical treatment, it has declared that it would be considered abuse if the father tries to discuss the matter with his child with anything less than an affirming attitude.

Other News

March 07, 2019Amazon Crosses A Very Dangerous Censorship Line

Why ban a book critiquing Islam when a host of other books harshly attacking other religious faiths are available on Amazon? Why ban this book and not other books that critique Islam? Why draw the line here and who is next?...

March 05, 2019Retirement Reformation: How Should Christians View Retirement?

There are some 50 million Americans of retirement age and that number is set to grow. Better health means many people face 20 or more years of potentially active life after they quit working, with many expressing more interest in spiritual issues as they age....

March 01, 2019Divided Methodists: Will Sexual Colonialism Split The UMC?

Many mainline denominations stateside have exerted tremendous pressure on churches overseas to give up the 2,000-year-old understanding of the Bible and morality for the new sexual heresy. In doing so, they've been guilty co-conspirators with progressive governmental activists of a kind of ideological colonialism. ...

February 26, 2019Welcome To Post-Christian Protestantism Where Liberal Feminist Pastors Rule

If you thought the feminist atheist pastor was bad wait until you meet the cussing clergywoman promoting "ethically-sourced porn" who has now presented a golden vagina sculpture made of melted purity rings to a leader of the abortion rights movement....

February 26, 2019How Generation Z Is Most Vulnerable To Antifa & ISIS Recruitment

It's seems counter-intuitive that the most individualistic generation, the current generation of young people dubbed Generation Z, is also the most vulnerable to recruitment by both Antifa and ISIS. ...

February 26, 2019Iran: Mounting Persecution Of Christians

The persecution of Christians in Iran in 2018 increased to new levels according to a new report, however despite this roaring abuse, the international community continues to label the Iranian government as "moderate"....

February 25, 2019Wars And Rumors Of Wars: Multiple Nations Move Closer To Military Conflict

Unfortunately, the drumbeats of war are starting to get louder once again. Very angry talk often precedes military conflict, and right now there sure is a lot of angry talk going on with many nations....