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Does New DVD Identify the USA in Ezekiel 38?

This newly released DVD entitled, THE PROPHETIC MIDEAST WARS will equip you for the world changing events that are coming!

Where Is America In Bible Prophecy?

Why does the greatest superpower that ever existed seem to abstain from fighting alongside Israel in it's time of greatest need? Is it because America declines from superpower status between now and Ezekiel 38?

Award Winning Film Reveals Frightening New Evidence About the Tribulation

This film director could have finally proven that the Tribulation is about to begin. Has already appeared on numerous national TV and radio shows.

Democrats Propose Cutting US Assistance To Israel Over Sovereignty Plans

Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives have been circulating a letter to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, threatening the cutting off of U.S. assistance to Israel if the Jewish state goes ahead with its plans to apply sovereignty to parts of Judea and Samaria.

I Am A Watchman - Interview With Founder Of Prophecy News Watch

If you have been wanting to learn more about the origins of Prophecy News Watch and how it came about as well as some commentary on what is happening in our world today - tune in.

Theologians Finally Translate 2,000 Year Old Greek Scriptures. Here's What It Says.

After 20-years of research and development, a team has successfully retranslated the New Testament with the original lost Greek meaning!

Globalists Reveal That The 'Great Economic Reset' Is Coming In 2021

Now in 2020 we see the globalist plan coming to fruition, with the elites revealing what appears to be their intent to launch their reset in 2021. The World Economic Forum officially announced the Great Reset initiative as part of their Covid Action Platform last week, and a summit is scheduled in January 2021 to discuss their plans more openly with the world and the mainstream media.

5 Steps You Can Take to Stay Healthy and Fit in the Long Run

Our body is perfectly programmed to let us know when we are doing something wrong regarding our lifestyle.

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June 18, 2020Transgender Regret: An Entire Generation Stuck Between Two Sexes

Keira Bell can never get her childhood back. And her body, a scarred and mangled reminder, tells her every day. "I am living in a world where I don't fit in as male or as female. I am stuck between two sexes." Now 23, she's dedicated her life to stop teenagers from making the same mistake....

June 10, 202010 Signs Of The Looming Seven-Year Tribulation

Although the tribulation has not yet started, we see the beginning of conditions we know will be much worse during this seven-year period. I believe this is God's way of getting the attention of the world before His judgments begin....

June 10, 2020A 'Biblical' Plague Of Locusts Has Put Millions On The Brink Of Famine

This unprecedented plague was supposed to be subsiding by now, but instead a fourth generation of locusts has emerged that is producing swarms that are "up to 8,000 times larger" than what we witnessed earlier this year. ...

June 18, 2020Why Can't You Get Canceled For Anti-Semitism?

Why does engaging in anti-Semitism not bring about the same moral opprobrium from the media and the cultural forces taking down people for dissenting from the Black Lives Matter catechism?...

June 8, 2020Russia's Dangerous New Military Doctrine - Nuclear Strike First Response

President Vladimir Putin has signed into effect a new Russian military doctrine, allowing him to order a nuclear weapons strike in response to an attack using conventional weapons. The new rules also allow the Russian military to use its nuclear weapons if it gets "reliable information" about the launch of ballistic missiles targeting its territory or its allies....

June 02, 2020Contact Tracing: Trojan Horse For Real Time Mass Surveillance

Privacy rights groups have been raising concerns about the legality of mass surveillance for more than a decade. What the pandemic has done, however, is provide an excuse for governments to justify the mass collection of geo-location data....

June 02, 2020What Will Be The Arab Response To Extending Israeli Sovereignty?

The prospect of Israel extending its sovereignty to the Jordan Valley, and parts of Judea and Samaria, has raised questions over what the response by the Palestinian Authority and Jordan would be as both would be directly affected by such a move....